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Creating Effortless Style

I love to shop! And I shop everywhere - online, in brick and mortar stores, boutiques, consignment shops. It's my national pasttime, my passion. I enjoy it so much that I wanted to share it with friends. So many women in the 45 years of age (and older) range seem a bit under served in the fashion market where style is concerned; they're not exactly into Dr. Martens and not ready for floral "dusters". After years of giving advice to friends and relatives, I've taken my love for style, my eye for a bargain, and my knack for keeping up with trends one step further and created An Eye For Your Style.


My Services

Exceptional Attention To Detail

If you have a special occasion on the horizon and are looking for something to wear that will make you feel comfortable and chic, I can help. We begin with finding your personal style. I will ask that you take a fun quiz that tells us both what you like and what you don't, what is within your budget and what is not, what inspires your inner elegance and feelings of confidence.  

I offer to shop personally for you. I scout out the styles, colors, and trends that help you present a polished presence that's both impeccable and age appropriate. 

I will serve as your personal style consultant. I will give you my unbiased opinion as to what complements your body type, skin tone, hair and eye color. I have access to top designer samples and high end consignment pieces from both coasts, and am able to advise you regarding fashion trends, availability, and style.

Closet a little outdated? I offer wardrobe management services that help you edit, refresh, or reset your wardrobe. I am also able to help you responsibly recycle clothing that is no longer of use to you.


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